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Sophie PearlSophie Pearl

So you’re 23 and you have no idea what comes next.

First of all, congratulations. You’re ahead of the game.

Do you know how long most people wait to realize that they’re lost? Do you know many people never do? Do you understand how many people go through their entire lives aimlessly floundering; only to realize at the very end of it that none of what they did was what they wanted? It’s a lot more than you’d think. And most of those people thought they had it all figured out at twenty-three.

After all, it’s not so hard to be found when you are twenty-three years old. There are infinite hoards of people who will tell you what to do and where to go. There are endless opportunities for you to make money and prosper. All you have to do is let go of what you want…

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Life is like riding a tricycle…

LIFE is like riding a tricycle.

Though, it gives us the balance we need, we still coasting down the pedals to move.

The pedals go UP and DOWN as we exert force in order for us to keep on going.

We do have the handlebar for us to decide what direction we wanted to go.

Once we stop padding, the tricycle will stop as well.

Same as with life, we drive our own self.

The Ups and Downs are inevitable (pain, mistakes, disappointments, trials…) but we need to move forward and learn.

We do control the handlebar and decide what path we would like to go over.

Time will come, we feel tired and hungry and we will decide to stop for a while and take a rest.

In the end, we see ourselves doing it again and again like a CYCLE.

Our ending is definitely the END, where we can’t already coast down, move, and decide.

We will end up like a tricycle: laying on an empty surface with NO LIFE, as in LIFELESS.

It is because basically, we are the one who have the control of our individual life, but, we don’t own it. GOD owns it.

That’s why no matter how hard we try to achieve the desires of our hearts if we don’t have GOD in the center of us, it seems to have no meaning at all.

LIFE is not about what race you will win, it is about how you will win the race.

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